Spring Forward

Although spring is still many weeks away, I find myself thinking of the new life it brings: bulbs peeking out, early tree blossoms like Cherry and Magnolia. I also long for the colour….

I like to “force” springtime to come a bit early – it helps me through some of the dark (and wet) days that are numerous in Vancouver this time of year. I do this by either pruning bits of early blooming plants from my garden, like forsythia, that come to life within a few days of being indoors, or picking up something from the local florist. Bulbs like daffodils and narcissus or even tulips work well, especially since you can buy them already started, and witness their notable day to day progress.

Apart from the beauty they bring, it is hard not to notice – and appreciate – the energy and unstoppable process of nature as it evolves from dormancy to bloom, from one season to the next.

Create some “hits” of spring in your home. You will find it not only brings a little bit of joy to your daily life, but also instills a little energy and optimism for what lies ahead.

Some placement ideas for maximum enjoyment are your main entry way, by the kitchen sink, or your bedside table especially if there is scent involved!

Happy (almost) Spring!

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