Ways I can help


Often the difference between how your home looks and feels now compared to how you would like it to be is a small investment in some thoughtful and strategic styling. My passion is to optimize what you already have as well as to help you resolve some of your home’s specific challenges.


Whether you are moving from one home to another or downsizing, knowing what to keep, what to release and how best to optimize your new space can be very challenging. My goal is to help you use this transition as an opportunity to create something better.


Is your house full – too full if you are honest? Maybe what you are missing is an “editor”, someone who can help you clear some clutter and brainstorm ways to get better organized – optimizing what is essential and important to you!

new things

Perhaps you are needing to update a few things in your home or starting over. Although this can seem daunting given the endless selection available to us, renewing an old favourite or updating a piece or two can be a great way to re-set your style and life. I can offer support for thoughtful selection of a few new pieces to add to your living space, or furnishings for an entire home.


If you are ready to get started, the process begins with a consultation either in your home or work space, or virtually. To schedule a time, please email mollysweeney@telus.net

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