With some careful consultation, collaboration and thought, the styling process typically includes editing out the unnecessary, re-arranging and curating the items you love, and re-purposing whenever possible.

My aim is to make the changes you are looking for with the least amount of “newness”. My years of experience designing and styling have always used these principles.

my background

I have been styling spaces since I was old enough to move furniture! My career began with an apprenticeship in furniture design in Los Angeles, followed by running my own furniture and home decor retail store in Vancouver. I have styled many rooms and homes, and for the past eight years, I have been working with retail spaces as well.

For more background information, you can view a recent interview with Creators Vancouver…. https://creatorsvancouver.com/molly-sweeney/

My own style is honest – my home reflects who I am and what I like. My goal is to help you achieve this for yourself.

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