Little things

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We all have our lists – things, big and little, that we want to change, upgrade or re-do around the house. In my experience, the longer the list, the harder it is to get started: it is just too much to factor into our already busy lives! What helps when I am feeling overwhelmed, is to pick a small project, and one that is top of mind because it “bugs” the most, or I “see” it everyday.

One such project was to change the hardware in my clothes closet. It had been a rush install when we were finishing up our renovation years ago, and I always meant to replace the drawer pulls with something more considered. I am reminded daily of this little detail so I decided to knock this one off the list.

I chose something simple, that worked with the existing holes in the drawer fronts, but in a finish and feel that complements the rest of my bedroom vibe.

It is a small change, but it gives me pleasure, and fuels my energy and interest to take on something else from that list…

Another project that I recently tackled was adding some new house numbers for our home. It was prompted more out of necessity. My garden has matured over the past ten years (as gardens do), and our existing house numbers were no longer visible from the street. I decided to add some additional numbers to the front fence, making it easier for parcels, people and Uber to find us…

I painted the numbers the same mustard yellow as our front door to add some continuity – the numbers foreshadow the door and connect them to each other.

What’s on your list? What small but significant project can you tackle, to get things moving. Start with something with a high “annoying” factor but low in complexity. Just getting one or two things accomplished sets you on a roll, and before you know it…

2 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Absolutely love the “happy feeling” that I get when I look at that mustard colour door (with matching number plates). So fun Molly!!


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