Part of what makes a house a home are the personal touches… photographs, objects we acquire from travel or even more personal items, such as collections. They reflect our interests, and they reveal part of us. The growth of a collection and the tandem stories that go along with it tell a part of your life’s journey.

Displaying your collection can be part of the fun. Rather than have items dispersed all over your home, bring your collection together – it will not only have the biggest impact, but you and others will be more inclined to engage with the collection, noting differences and similarities. It creates a conversation.

Depending on what you are into, sometimes you can only realistically display a small portion of your collection. Choose what you have the most connection with – either from the story behind its acquisition, or the story in its pages. If you tire of the current selection, rotate it, keeping it fresh.

The photos above reveal a salt & pepper shaker collection showcased in a bookcase in the living room near a favourite reading nook where it can be appreciated while relaxing. Display your collection in a part of your home that makes sense to you. A more visible location like the living room might work for some, or the office for others… Some may prefer a kitchen oriented collection such as the tea cups in the kitchen, but there are really no wrong choices.

A few other things to consider when planning out how and where to display your favourite things…

Collections have a way of growing, which is the fun part, so plan for this.

Some of us have multiple collections on the go. It can work to display more than one collection together, but sometimes not. Be careful not to make it too busy – you want to be able to appreciate the uniqueness of what you have gathered together.

Once you have thoughtfully grouped your collection, try to work in some lighting. A well-lit collection looks highlighted, artful and enhanced.


2 thoughts on “Collections

  1. I find this is such an important aspect of styling. I have so many objects and items that I want to keep, but many of them I keep out of sight to avoid visual and physical clutter. You’ve given me some great ideas on how I can continue to hold onto my possessions and honour them through a nicely designed display. You definitely have a keen eye!


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