What is Interior Styling?

Interior styling, in its purist form, is the art of arranging objects. This involves not only what should go where, but also what to take away. It is the art of assembling a composition, whether this be the contents of a house, a room, or a bookcase. It applies to any style – modern, traditional, eclectic, whatever you are into – just arranged and curated in the most considered way. It creates the mood of your home, and when done thoughtfully, it tells your story.

Interior design focuses more on the structure and function of spaces: electrical or lighting plans, kitchen cabinets, tile, flooring, etc. Interior decorating focuses more on specifying the furnishings, or the window and wall coverings, for example. In reality, there is quite a bit of overlap between decorating and styling. Furnishings do require occasional updating, rooms often need additional lighting to make them more functional, needs change as we evolve and adjustments are necessary…

I choose to focus on interior styling because it works mostly with what you already have, and surprisingly, a “re-think” and re-configure of what we already possess can often achieve the goal we are after. Interior styling gives results that are more immediate, and projects are concluded in less time with less cost. In this process, I aim to help you tell your story using the objects you already have always keeping in mind how we need to function in spaces, making them “work” for us. Your home should contain possessions that are meaningful to you, and this, in turn, authentically reflects your style.

I hope this clarifies what Interior Styling is and how it can help you optimize your living spaces. As always, please reach out if you have any questions… and Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “What is Interior Styling?

  1. Hi Molly, so great to see your work. You always had a special eye. I am deep in the Mexican jungle on a glorious beach called Los Colomitos- come visit when the madness is over. Peg

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